Welcome to Mrs. Sargent's Third Grade!



I know we are going to have a great year.

Please visit our school system's website for news, information, and photos of school events!

Here are some important websites that I would like everyone to visit, the more often the better.

The first is for math practice. This site is our math program for K-5. It is very important to review daily concepts learned in school.

Math in Focus

Username: first name and last name (no caps/no spaces)
Password: GPSMath1?

The second site has many different components. We will focus on math and ELA at school. Students are welcome to use all the components at home.

Password: student id number

The third site is to practice your spelling words. I have posted the spelling list each story on the website. It will match the Reading Streets lesson we are on. Play the games and then take the online spelling test!
no passwords needed

This fourth site is the Lexia Reading program most of you used last year. You can access and use this site from home as well as school.

Lexia Reading

Username: first name and last initial (all lowercase, no spaces)
Password : student id number

Lastly is our typing program.

All the Right Type

School code: usamaglou1811
User ID: student id number
Password: west

Watch for other websites to explore!
Mrs. Sargent